We all have been through this complicated and exhausted process, if you don’t know which phone to pick out, don’t worry, it is not an easy task and it takes time to make the best decision.

First issue is related to the huge number of alternatives available on the market. Nowadays, the market is leaded and yes, “Andronized”, the most used one, but there are few other reliable options that every single day are making their place in the market, and having in mind their characteristics, they are pretty similar and may have even better functionalities than the leader Samsung, such as Huawi and Xiaoomi. It’s like being in the mood and in the mood, such as Motorola and LG.

In the text below we will leave you few options that are pretty good for us.

Onscreen 3

It is obviously worthwhile talking about what you can do and how to do it. It is a great deal to learn about the production of Syllabus and in the context of the poll of the cooperative society.

Нuаwеі Ноnоr 8

The Chinese brand have been more and more elected the last few years, it is the third most sold brand in the industry after Apple and Samsung, and its products only can be promoted more and more because of the high quality they have.


The fact that with this phone you will be able to take off the battery just pressing a button and be able to change it, means that you will have it for a long long time and even replace the battery once is not useful anymore. There are several commentaries also, such as CAM PLUS and HI-Fi Plus.



Motorola Moto Z


Moto Z maintains lines quite similar to those of past models, but loses much in the hand. The front, despite maintaining Moto essence with very rounded edges, does not have pronounced curves like the Moto X 2014, which produces a less pleasant sensation when reaching the edges. Still, nothing problematic, a good impression supported by a single loudspeaker for calls and music that, without being wonderful, has good volume and shows a decent performance in complicated tones.


It is the rear that shows much of what is wrong with the terminal, and not in terms of design, but in thickness and edges. The classic Moto X had a curved rear that fit wonderfully well to the shape of the hand. The rear of the Moto Z is completely flat, very coarse and without a good transition in materials, which makes it key more even than the curved models of Samsung. Motorola solves it by selling a back case (of a nice Nylon in the unit yielded) magnetized that does produce a perfect grip.

HTC 10

A bright star in difficult times. The Taiwanese manufacturer HTC is going through difficult times after several months in red, so all eyes have been directed over the last few months to the launch of its new flagship that plans to battle the rest of high-end mobile phones in 2016, Including of course the iPhone 6S, the Samsung Galaxy S7 family or the amazing LG G5 or Huawei P9.

The time comes therefore for the analysis of the HTC 10, a terminal that on the paper seduce anyone by its infinite list of specifications and that along the next lines we will see how it is defended in different aspects: both at the level of design and In the quality of your screen, the efficiency of your battery or the behavior of your camera


Google Nexus 5x

The design of the new 5X is not exactly what stands out the most. Like the previous model, it does not draw special attention either by its materials or by its finish, perhaps only by its camera, and not precisely by something good: the sensor protrudes a few millimeters from the body and sometimes ends up being annoying.

The Nexus 5X features a 5.2-inch screen, a plastic back cover, a fingerprint reader, three buttons and a USB-C connection. Everything in a body that does not weigh more than 136 grams, light considering that it has a thickness of almost 8 millimeters.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7- our best option

The original Samsung Galaxy Note was born in the fall of 2011 to definitely retire the PDAs, which at the beginning of the decade were still quite common in professional environments. The Note range blends the power of new generations of smartphones with the functionality of the stylus, a recipe that has remained infallible to date.

Five years after that launch landed in Spain the Galaxy Note7 that we are analyzing today, a true off-roader that according to Samsung is the most complete mobile device that has left its manufacturing plants, reflecting the strong commitment to a family that intends to open Hollow within the higher rang